Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Being Secretary of Student Policy

As Secretary of Student Policy it is my job to run both Fall and Spring elections, make any changes to the Constitution that are deemed necessary by the Senate, acting as a filter for potential clubs, and being familiar with Robert's Rules of Order and the Constitution for any questions that may arise.

Getting ready for the Fall elections was a rather large and stressful task. I, with the help of many others, compiled a list from the Registrar and Residential Life to create one master list of students so that e-voting could be used for both Class Officer elections and Hall and Area Representative elections. When election day came around there was a few minor glitches that I was able to fix and elections went on as scheduled. I was very grateful for the help of my fellow E-board members who helped man the tables in Alliot when I could not. The most exciting thing about the elections this fall would probably be the new ability to write-in candidates on the e-voting.

My next major task was getting the Constitution revised, approved by the Senate, and printed. I started to re-type the constitution this summer for multiple reasons:
1. While trying to familiarize myself with the constitution I found many minor grammar and spelling mistakes that needed to be fix.
2. The formatting was annoying me(I am kind of a perfectionist on things like that).
3. There were some articles/policies that needed to be fixed.
So I started re-typing the Constitution, had the E-board and Grace Kelly(one of the SA advisors) look over the document for any changes, and brought the document before the Senate to be passed, which it was. The next more difficult part was making sure that I applied all the approved changes and made sure there were no others. This ended up taking longer than expected due to issues with some Policies that we were considering getting changed and we ended up changing the Fix it with Five Policy, added on the Programming Guide and important Finance documents to the end of the Procedure's manual. Which was handed out along with a new Advisor Confirmation Form, that outlines the roles of club advisors, at the November 1 S.A. meeting.

My other role as filter for potential clubs is the most constant job I do. So far this year I have had six potential clubs come to me. Out of that six only two have gone before the Senate and only one, Knight Watch, was passed as a club. This year we have a tighter budget and looking to ensure that club budgets are not made up primarily of food, which is why one club was not passed.

My goals for the rest of the year is to make some more changes to the Constitution with the help of the Student Policy Committee, make sure we have all information needed from clubs and ensure a successful Spring Election!

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