About the Student Association

The Student Association (S.A.) is the governing voice of the student body. The S.A. provides the financial and organizational backing of most clubs and activities that happen on campus. This is an organization run for the students and by the students.

The Executive Board (E-Board) is comprised of eight secretaries; Student Policy, Academics, Finance, Communications, Student Life, Athletics, and 2 Programming secretaries. This cabinet works directly with the S.A. President and Vice-President. These positions are appointed by a committee called Personnel and Nominations (P & N).

There are also elected positions in the S.A., such as Class Officers and Hall Representatives, and many more opportunities to get involved. These representatives keep the rest of the students informed about all the activities on campus and issues that are important to students.

When you arrive at Saint Michael’s College you automatically become a member of the Student Association. The activities fee that you pay when you enroll at Saint Michael’s College goes directly to the Student Association. This fee allows the S.A. to allocate over a quarter of a million dollars to over 35 clubs and organizations. The clubs range from programming social awareness activities to organizing concerts.

The S.A. is here for you. So, if you have any ideas about new clubs or events that you would like to see at Saint Michael’s College, please feel free to stop by the Student Association office in Alliot Hall Room 223, or voice your opinion during the weekly Student Association meetings on Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. in Cheray Hall Room 101.

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