Sunday, January 29, 2012

Discussing the 4-4 with VPAA Talentino

This past Tuesday the Student Association meeting included an Open Forum session with Vice President for Academic Affairs Karen Talentino. Dr. Talentino came to ask for student feedback regarding the first semester of the 4-4 curriculum plan and many students were prepared with questions and comments. Most of the questions were of a more specific, departmental nature, but Dr. Talentino also answered broad questions about where the 4-4 system was taking us, it’s goal in general and provided reasoning for why the curriculum was set as it was. Deans Trumbower and Wry were also at the meeting to provide further insight and clarification on some questions. One of Dr. Talentino’s main concerns was the schedule grid that has been developed in conjunction with the new curriculum. The purpose of the grid, as Dr. Talentino explained, is to make class times uniform and provide more opportunities for out of class meetings. The Senate and the VPAA discussed the problems regarding the breakfast and lunch rushes in Alliot, the shuttle from North Campus and lack of common time outside of Friday afternoons. Students were very candid and asked difficult questions, all of which Dr. Talentino answered as completely as possible. The e-board is grateful that Dr. Talentino and Deans Trumbower and Wry were able to take the time to meet with students to gather their feedback and is looking forward to continuing work on assessing the 4-4 plan and new class grid!

See you next Tuesday!

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